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The Main Street Wine Cellar is the perfect stop during your visit to New Hope, Pennsylvania.
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Here you’ll find a list of the wines we stock in our store from Crossing Vineyards and Winery -- whether it’s the perfect bottle for dinner at a local BYO or a housewarming gift, we have something for everyone!

Vidal Blanc   Vidal Blanc
This off-dry, estate wine, is deliciously fruity with lush apple-pear overtones.
Vintner's Select White   Vintner's Select White
This versatile white table wine combines Chardonnay’s tropical fruitiness with the peach overtones of Viognier and Riesling’s floral highlights. The finish is smooth, with hints of honey.
Viognier   Viognier
This refreshing, off-dry white wine has a sophisticated forward aroma of peach and apricot followed by an aromatic finish.
Chardonnay   Chardonnay
This elegant European-style Chardonnay is fresh, well-balanced with fruity hints of apples and pears, a floral nose and a lingering butterscotch finish.
Pinot Grigio   Pinot Grigio
This refreshing white wine is light-bodied, with pear and citrus flavors,medium acidity and crisp finish.
Riesling   Riesling
This semi-dry wine is bright and refreshing with floral highlights and flavors of ripe, tropical fruit with an aromatic, slightly spicy finish.
Sauvignon Blanc   Sauvignon Blanc
This intensely fruity but dry white wine is bursting with flavors of fresh tree fruits and aromatic herbal notes in a clean and lively finish.
Legacy   Legacy
CURRENTLY Sold Out This new cuvée is following our original 10th Anniversary Signature Chardonnay. As its predecessor, it has a complex fruit, a floral nose and a lingering oaked butterscotch finish.
Vintner's Select Red   Vintner's Select Red
Finished in oak, this Meritage-style wine combines the rich, crimson-purple color of Merlot, the tannic backbone of a young Cabernet Sauvignon and the jammy-berry flavor of a well-balanced Cabernet Franc. The finish is full of ripe red and dark fruit, with hints of chocolate and spice.
Merlot   Merlot
This barrel-aged Merlot is moderately tannic and aromatic with hints of bing cherry and caramel and has a long, smooth finish.
Cabernet Franc   Cabernet Franc
This dry, well-balanced Cabernet Franc has soft but distinct tannins and hints of cranberry, dried cherry and spices.
Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot   Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot
This elegant Cab-Merlot blend has a rich, ruby color and the taste of ripe berries layered over espresso and chocolate.
Cabernet Sauvignon   Cabernet Sauvignon
Barrel-aged in French and Pennsylvania oak, this dry and delicate Cabernet Sauvignon has lingering flavors of ripe berry with a hint of anise.
Heritage   Heritage
This Bordeaux-style blend has a deep, garnet color and the rich taste of ripe fruit layered over a smooth bouquet of light oak.
Pinot Noir Reserve   Pinot Noir Reserve
This Pinot Noir is lush and concentrated with aromas of wild berries, dark black cherry, and is interlaced with notes of delicate tea rose and softly spiced vanilla.
Chambourcin Reserve   Chambourcin Reserve
This rich, complex Zinfandel-style wine has been aged to perfection in fine Pennsylvania Oak.
Blush   Blush
This vibrant, semi-dry blush evokes the fruity, drinkable rosés of France's Loire Valley. It pairs well with meat or fish and can be enjoyed as a refreshing aperitif.
Apple   Apple
This delicious, semi-sweet wine has a fruity bouquet and is filled with the taste of freshly pressed Granny Smiths, Yorks and Winesaps. The finish is crisp and clean, with hints of honey and butterscotch.
Le Nouveau   Le Nouveau
Sold Out Celebrate the first fruits of the harvest with Crossing Vineyards' Le Nouveau. This semi-dry wine is deliciously fruity with a soft tannic structure. Tastes great chilled.
Peach   Peach
The flavor of tree-ripened peaches delicately splashes over your taste buds in this refreshing wine... fruity, medium-bodied and sweet. Serve chilled.
Rosé   Rosé
This delightful dry and refreshing rosé, has a lingering finish with hints of berries and a touch of tannin, reminiscent of a robust red wine. The perfect aperitif, it can be served with fish, poultry or vegetarian fare.
Sangria   Sangria
Natural citrus flavors infuse this rich red wine, creating a lively and complex fruit punch with a kick! Great for a unique aperitif. Serve chilled.
Wild Berry   Wild Berry
This surprisingly sophisticated wine is filled with the luscious taste of fresh summer fruit. A smooth finish brings out intense flavors of jam and cloves. Tastes great chilled.
Chocolate Cherry Truffle   Chocolate Cherry Truffle
This full-flavored Port-style wine has a complex aroma of dark chocolate mingled with notes of black cherry, ripe plum and toasted oak. On the palate the taste is rich and sweet, with a satisfying, warm finish.This wine is "dessert in a bottle," the perfect complement to a great meal.Try it at room…
Blanc de Blancs   Blanc de Blancs
This elegant sparkling wine is made in the traditional méthode champenoise from 100% Chardonnay grapes. The nose is lightly herbal, and the taste is crisp.


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